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Our Team.

This is our Team page. It's a great space for us to introduce you to our team and talk about what makes us unique, such as our culture and work philosophy. Don't be afraid to reach out to a personality and/or character trait that may help us to connect you with your coach.


My name is John Harris. I am a husband of 19 years, former football all star, and founder of Rocky Bone Fitness.


I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach through NASM. I am also DOTFIT certified, and currently work as a life/wellness/relationship coach. My fitness journey began in high school where I was a highly successful (insert football position) at Centennial High School. Even after 30 years my records still stand.

Unfortunately, I spent the next 30 years sitting in front of a computer for notable companies which eventually led to a number of injuries, doctors' visits, and other health issues to the point where I was severance as a training manager after my company moved me to Dallas a year prior in 2020. Unemployed and Unhealthy with a wife and teenagers I felt like my life was turned upside down. That when until I decided to make a change what do you do when failure is not an option. I bought a bench, then a treadmill, then a dumbbell literally one thing at a time until I had a full gym. After rehabbing myself back into excellent physical shape by hard work & endless studies my wife said maybe you should be a trainer pursue your passion in fitness.

I am now the proud owner of Rocky Bone fitness (my wife and I's nicknames). She's" Rocky" Where I have trained youth, athletes, and busy corporate professionals to get into the best shape of their lives. 30 years of unhealthy living can’t get wiped away in 30 days, but every 30 days that you commit to the future you will lead to you seeing amazing changes!!

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