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Rocky Bone Fitness is a company owned by All Lean LLC. All Lean Meals specializes in meal prep, meal plans and nutrition plans as well as fat loss and weight gain tips. You can also contact us by messaging "nutrition"  below and a specialist will have your questions answered by a Personal Trainer! 

I lost about 19.2 pounds in 4 weeks working with All Lean Meals. Great tasting meal preps and meal plan shakes!

Janda' Carter

1. **Lack of Planning:** Failing to plan meals ahead can lead to poor food choices and unhealthy eating habits, hindering nutrition as a lifestyle.

a. You plan to go to work, when the kids get off school, going to the bar with friends, yet our meals daily escape us. everything that's important in life you plan.


2. **Emotional Eating:** Using food as a coping mechanism for emotions can disrupt healthy eating patterns and lead to inconsistency in nutrition habits.

a. You are in the business of service and all you do is give give give, but when is it your turn to enjoy right? You have attached food to a positive reward system.

b. If I work all day and take other peoples crap, I get to eat more crap? Gabbage!!


3. **Unrealistic Expectations:** Setting unrealistic goals or following fad diets can make nutrition feel like a temporary fix rather than a sustainable lifestyle change.


4. **Convenience Foods:** Relying heavily on processed or fast foods for convenience can result in a lack of nutrient-dense options and hinder a healthy nutrition lifestyle.


5. **Lack of Knowledge:** Not understanding basic nutrition principles or how to make balanced food choices can impede efforts to maintain a healthy eating pattern long-term.


6. **Social Influences:** Peer pressure, social events, or cultural norms that promote unhealthy eating habits can make it challenging to stick to a nutritious diet consistently.


7. **Mindless Eating:** Engaging in distracted eating, such as eating in front of the TV or computer, can lead to overeating and a disconnection from hunger cues, affecting nutrition as a lifestyle.


8. **Limited Variety:** Eating the same foods repetitively can lead to nutrient deficiencies and boredom, making it difficult to sustain healthy eating habits over time.


9. **Financial Constraints:** Limited budget or financial constraints may make it challenging to purchase fresh, whole foods, impacting the ability to maintain a nutritious diet as a lifestyle choice.


10. **Lack of Support:** Not having a support system or encouragement from friends, family, or professionals can make it harder to stay motivated and committed to healthy eating habits as a lifestyle.

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